About the server

DNN-Dom is a comprehensive on-line predict tool of domain boundaries in proteins. It provides an accurate and visual boundary predictions on sequence.

In the search webpage, users are allowed to search the job by job ID or sequence. In addition, the navigation bar of all pages also provides a searching box which allows the user to search the job by the job ID.


The DNN-Dom takes the amino acid sequence in fasta format of the query protein as input. An email address to be informed about the job completion can be provided.

After submitting the job (by clicking the “Submit” button), a page containing a Job ID and a status bar will be displayed.


Output of the server consists of:
(a) The domain boundaries information for query sequence

It shows the chain name, sequence length, domain number and domain information.

(b) The predicted probability of one residue belonging to boundaries

The predicted boundaries are presented in the graph. The x-axis means the residue index in query sequence, and the y-residue denotes the probability scores of a residue belonging to boundary. The range of this score is [0,1].The dotted line is the threshold.