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NPID Sequence Length Organism Family Name PMID Peptide_REF
11 Uperoleia rugosa Tachykinin Uperolein 1120493#Anastasi A., Erspamer V., Endean R.; #Structure of uperolein, a physalaemin-like endecapeptide occurring in the skin of Uperoleia rugosa and Uperoleia marmorata.; #Experientia 31:394-395(1975).
11 Uperoleia rugosa Tachykinin Rugosauperolein-2 7389029#Nakajima T., Yasuhara T., Erspamer V., Erspamer G.F., Negri L.; #Physalaemin- and bombesin-like peptides in the skin of the Australian leptodactylid frog Uperoleia rugosa.; #Chem. Pharm. Bull. 28:689-695(1980).