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Total number of results for Bufo marinus are 2
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NPID Sequence Length Organism Family Name PMID Peptide_REF
13 Bufo marinus Neurotensin Neurotensin 9786176#Warner FJ, Burcher E, Carraway R, Conlon JM#Purification, characterization, and spasmogenic activity of neurotensin from the toad Bufo marinus#Peptides 1998;19(7):1255-61
11 Bufo marinus Tachykinin bufokinin 15627485#Liu L, Murray M, Conlon JM, Burcher E#Quantitative structure-activity analyses of bufokinin and other tachykinins at bufokinin (bNK1) receptors of the small intestine of the cane toad, Bufo marinus#Biochem Pharmacol 2005 Jan 15;69(2):329-38