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NPID Sequence Length Organism Family Name PMID Peptide_REF
17 Bombina maxima Neuromedins Neuromedin-S-17 15927697#Lee W.H., Liu S.B., Shen J.H., Jin Y., Lai R., Zhang Y.#Identification and molecular cloning of a novel neuromedin U analog from the skin secretions of toad Bombina maxima.# Regul. Pept. 129:43-47(2005).$16682011#Chen T., Zhou M., Walker B., Harriot P., Mori K., Miyazato M.,Kangawa K., Shaw C.#Structural and functional analogs of the novel mammalian neuropeptide, neuromedin S (NmS), in the dermal venoms of Eurasian bombinid toads.#Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 345:377-384(2006).